As we are rapidly approaching Christmas we have a lot to help you feel glam in this festive season even if we aren’t partying as we would love to.

Having a pamper session with us will, I have no doubt at all make you feel a little better in this hard times we find ourselves enduring, a new haircut; I have bitten the bullet and gone short, it was a last minute decision and I am delighted, the one thing you can be sure of is that your hair will grow but at least you had a brand new look.

A new colour will also give you a lift, add some all over colour or some lights in your hair to give you a new glow.

Throw in some gel nails & toes will give you the complete package, we also have the ability to add real diamonds to your nails for a very special finish indeed, although your nails do have to be long enough to accommodate the diamonds. So, the world of colour is at your finger tips quite literally. Add glitter, diamonds and all sorts of adornments for that special look for any occasion, it doesn’t just have to be for Christmas.

Whilst on the Christmas subject, Georgia and I would like to take the opportunity to with all our very valued clients a very happy and safe Christmas and lets hope with fingers firmly crossed that 2021 is a much better year for us all.

With our love Karen and Georgia xx