At Hair, Beauty & Nails we offer GEL NAILS; the best nail enhancement system. We can extend your nails without the need for tips being stuck on first; we SCULPT the nails. Instead of adding tips, they end up being an extension of your own nail. This is a longer process but well worth the time.

Choose from over 200 stunning colours that should last you up to 21 days.

We have in stock over 200 colours and new ones are added regularly. Plus some amazing adornments for something extra special, including the addition of real diamonds in long enough nails. This will be an on quotation price.

Your Nails are jewels, not tools!


Description Prices from…
File & Polish (Hand) £15.00
Natural Nail Manicure £20.00
Gel Colour Gloss Manicure £35.00
File & Polish (Feet) £20.00
Natural Nail Pedicure £25.00
Gel Pedicure £35.00
Soak off only Free if performed by us, if done elsewhere is chargeable at £15.00