Many of you have asked about the facials that Michaella is offering, so I’ve listed some facts and information about each of them.

The image included on our Facebook page shows Meso Therapy. I was over the moon with the results and my skin was glowing afterwards. Without sounding big headed in any way, my skin looked really beautiful.

Michaella also did the Inside Out Lifting Facial on me. She did the right side first and looked straight in the mirror to see the results. They were instant. One cheekbone was higher than the other. Model results!

I hope the below helps and please let us know if you would like to book an appointment.

Lifting Inside Out Massage Facial (Glycolic Acid peel 40% optional)

The common end result of this Facial Massage is a slight lift to the cheek bones, tension relief, full and plump muscles, healthy glowing skin and general well being.

The optional glycolic acid will brighten up your skins complexion.

About the facial:

Targeting the effects of ageing using massage is not commonly known in this country, it began 1472 in Asia and is still the most popular technique to prevent early ageing.

Massaging the face has many effective results, from improving skin texture and tone, minimise the natural signs of ageing, aid hydration levels, rejuvenate blood circulation, sinus decongestion, improve Lymphatic drainage, boost collagen supplies that deplete with the ageing process, tension relief from the eyes / upper brow / jawline and generally enhance to skins appearance.

Using vigorous massage on typical areas that show ageing can help to combat further problems. Particular areas that become the main concern for Women and Men from the age of 30 is the jowls, dropping of the eyes, heavy bags, loss of muscular tone and generally lacking in facial confidence.

By working on pressure points, using Ayurvedic massage and multi discipline techniques I have formed a regime that reminds the facial muscles and fibres where they should sit, which in turn gives you back your cheek bones, increase blood circulation, rejuvenate collagen supplies and awakens your Lymphatic system which in turn clears toxins from the face and body. The facial incorporates work on the tendons and muscles from inside the mouth, using the TMJ technique to stimulate a unique lift, that standard facials cannot achieve.

Meso Therapy

What is Meso Therapy?

Mesotherapy is a medical specialty that involves probing Hyluronic Acid into the skin. Hyluronic acid contains quantities of natural extracts, homeopathic agents, pharmaceuticals, anti-ageing ingredients and vitamins. It can be used to eliminate cellulite on the body, treat ageing and redundant (sagging) skin, improve hydration and repairs the skin from the second layer outwards this in turn rejuvenates skin conditions, plumps the skin tissue and increases blood circulation.

This treatment can show immediate results, the skin will improve itself over the next 2-3days.